New Server Released!


Thanks to the generous donation from Domine Agentis we were able to put the money forward to buy ourselves a professionally hosted game server, this is a very good step forward as we will be able to play on a server with DDOS protection and practically no ping lag at all, it will also be better ping for any of our American players.

Rules are to be enforced strictly now, therefore breaking them will have serious consequences - this does not change dependant on your rank, even staff will be punished.

Try and get your friends to join, as we've come a long way playerbase wise in the past few days and we will be looking to expand even more in the upcoming weeks!

I expect roleplay to be top quality now too, the server is a lot more enjoyable when everyone is acting mature and roleplaying, this is also a good opportunity for us as a staff team to rid of the rule breakers before we start to publicise more.

Server IP: [May be down due to updates]

Community Manager
"✪ sullivan-inwl-"