Hi All, Myself and Josh have decided it’s time for a change, as you all know the server as a whole on Lakeside has had its ups and downs, but has not ever been fully successful, our max player count on the server at one time was 16 players and from an owner’s point of view that just is not enough. The change which we are going to make is that we are moving to a completely new forum ( and we are also changing from a modded server (Lakeside) to an ArmA 3 vanilla (Altis Life). The hope for this change is that it will be easier to establish a decent player base and also we have made our Altis Life server fully custom.The teamspeak for our new server will stay the same in terms of IP ( as will the server ArmA 3 server IP (, however the website will change as mentioned to ( hope you will all support our change and we hope to see you there! J

Community Owner - Dominic Hock